Types of Bike

Types of Bike

Adult Bikes:

  • Hybrid Bike: A sturdy mongrel, with lots of gears, flat handlebars and medium-width tyres. When equipped with a pannier rack and mudguards it can be called a Trekking Bike.
  • Mountain Bike: Chunky tyres and lots of gears, originally designed for off-road use, but now used everywhere.
  • Folding Bike: Allowed on most trains and some buses/coaches. Ideal when storage space is at a premium at home or work.
  • City Bike: What used to be called a roadster; typified by upright riding position, hub gears, enclosed/covered chain, etc.
  • Trekking Bike: A term and design from the Continent; a Hybrid Bike but with more equipment such as pannier rack, mudguards.
  • Touring Bike: With drop handlebars, lots of gears and carrying capacity, this combines Trekking Bike practicality with Racing Bike performance.
  • Racing (Road) Bike: Lightweight and fast, with drop handlebars and close-ratio gears.
  • Fixed Gear Bike: Also known as a Track Bike, there’s just one gear and no freewheel, so if you’re moving then the pedals are going round.
  • Cyclocross Bike: Like a Racing Bike, but with chunkier tyres and mudguards.
  • Triathlon/TT Bike: A very specialist Racing Bike.
  • Electric Bike: More properly electrically-assisted; gives you that extra edge when climbing hills or your legs are tired.


Kids’ and Youth Bikes:

  • Kid’s Bike: Small and with bright colours!
  • BMX/Jump Bike: Great for stunts and fun.
  • Scooter: What, no pedals?!
  • Trailer Cycle: The back half of a bicycle, that can be coupled onto a bike so as to make something like an articulated tandem.


Unconventional Bikes:

  • Recumbent Bike: Laid-back cycling, but speedy because the wind resistance is much reduced.
  • Tandem Bike: “Can you ride tandem?” “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...”
  • Adult Tricycle: An extra wheel for stability, but be cautious in the corners.
  • Work Bike: Specially designed for carrying large loads and/or passengers.
  • Adapted Cycle: A specially adapted cycle for those who, for a variety of reasons, find standard bicycles difficult.
  • Heritage Bike: Penny-farthings, etc!
  • Specialist/One-Off: Wow, we don’t see many of these. See Notes.